Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Paring Down the Pantry

It's the night before we begin our program with PWLC and in preparation, Jordan and I did a fridge, freezer, and pantry sweep. We cleared out everything we thought might not be on the plan and either:
1) Tossed it
2) Donated it
3) Gave it away
4) Stowed in the downstairs kitchenette for later use

Here are our empty bags from the food that went downstairs where we won't see/eat it. We filled these full of foods that are:
1) Healthy in moderation but won't be on the plan (e.g., froze shredded cheese, nuts, wine, etc.), and
2) Kitchen staples that would cost to replace later if we tossed them now (e.g., condiments, rice, baking stuff).

These amounted to only about five grocery-sack's-worth of moderately healthy food in our kitchen. (Glad we didn't do a full-on purge because we would've thrown away a lot of money otherwise.)

Speaking of throwing away money...we did our share. What went into the garbage was a funny mix: spinach (purchased with good intentions but gone bad from neglect), heavy whipping cream (a kitchen staple I insist on), ice cream, mayo, Bailey's, and lots of snack items. Six sack's worth of garbage.

We donated one large grocery bag (jellies, canned goods, StoveTop, etc.) to the Foodbank. The Higginses are visiting this weekend, so we also have one sack set aside for them.

5 sacks stored
6 sacks tossed
2 sacks donated
=13 sackfuls total (7 gone)

I'm sorry I didn't take a photo, but suffice it to say our fridge is empty and the freezer only slightly better with veggies, fruit, and meat. The pantry is bare but will soon be populated with PWLC products. Will post again with pictures of our kitchen stocked PWLC-approved foods.

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