Monday, April 6, 2015

Enough's Enough

Me at about 330 lbs. | December 2014
This is not my first attempt at a weight loss blog. It's my third.

My last post to that blog was 602 days ago and a lot has changed.

602 days ago Jordan and I not only had different jobs, we had different careers altogether. Now we happily work at Fiserv & Firespring, respectively.

602 days ago we'd JUST moved into our house; now we're touching up where paint has worn away.

602 days ago, I had my mom, now I don't.

602 days ago, I weighed 33 lbs less. Which isn't a huge addition but considering I thought I'd hit rock bottom 602 days ago, it's a lot.

Today, at 349 lbs, I am aghast at how easily I gained and how much bigger I look and feel. I didn't use to mind photos of myself but now I actively dislike them. Simple physical tasks have become much harder than they were. I stopped recognizing the girl in the mirror each morning. Something had to give.

So we signed up for a program with Physician's Weight Loss Center (PWLC) on Friday and we will start Thursday, April 9. It was Jordan's idea to join after our mutual friend, dropped 70+ lbs on the plan—we were both so impressed with his progress.

PWLC has several different programs, but during our first appointment they quickly identified one to help us lose a large amount of weight to reach our goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle after that. The plan has three phases:
1) Weight Loss Phase—we will drop all the weight we want to lose in this phase
2) Calorie Adjustment Period—slowly introducing all foods back into diet in a controlled manner
3) Maintenance—how we choose to live the rest of our lives

Jordan will do a slightly more aggressive plan than I will—he will be allotted 800 calories a day and I will get 1000. We will be closely monitored by registered nurses and will weigh in twice a week with them.

I have 180 to lose.
Jordan has 70.

This is going to be one of the hardest things I've ever done. Jordan tells me I can do it and I believe him the same way a child does—more because I want it to be true than real conviction. In any event, the money is paid, the food is bought and the only direction is up because one thing I DO believe is that I can't be happy living life one pound shy of 350 anymore. Period.

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