Thursday, May 21, 2015

50 Reasons

Current Weight: 323 lbs
Total Loss: 26 lbs
Avg. Loss/Week: 4.3 lbs
- Body Weight %age: 7%

This week I won the "work week hustle" FitBit challenge by walking my butt off. I was competing against family (maybe they let me win?) and I'm pretty sure I was the only one taking it seriously but I got SUPER competitive about this—haven't seen that side of myself in a while!

My wedding rings are starting to slip back on more easily than before and the Bermuda shorts I was talking about last week? Well I wore them to the farmer's market with Jordan on Saturday.

Last week I promised a list of reasons I want to try to get to a healthier weight so here it is:
  1. So I can cross my legs knee over knee like I’ve longed to as far back as I can remember 
  2. So I don't have to start every dress search for “at or below the knee” 
  3. So my wedding rings don't cut into my fingers leaving red welts
  4. So my bust can extend out farther than my tummy again 
  5. So a world of store options open up to me
  6. So I don't have to worry about fitting in theater seats/chairs with arms 
  7. So I can buckle the airplane seatbelt without an extender 
  8. One word: shorts 
  9. So my size 11 shoes fit me better (or at all)
  10. So necklaces will fit comfortably around my neck 
  11. So I can see my toes when I look down
  12. So I can buy cute workout clothes (not from Old Navy or Lane Bryant) 
  13. So I can stand up without having to pull down my shirt 
  14. So I can sit on my husband's lap in that cute way girls do
  15. So my cankles can look like ankles 
  16. So I don’t have to worry about makeup contouring as much 
  17. So I can lie side-by-side on the couch with my hubs
  18. So I can cut all my hair off if I want (looks better with a jawline) 
  19. So I can talk to people both while I’m climbing stairs and once I’m up at the top of them 
  20. So I can continuously play with kids without taking breaks 
  21. So I don't feel the need to poke fun at myself before someone else does (a trick you learn early when you've always been big)
  22. So my husband can pick me up someday and carry me to bed 
  23. So I can confidently take on adventure (kayaking, hiking, jogging) fearlessly
  24. So my wardrobe can consist of clothes I can actually wear (not "fat" and "skinny" clothes)
  25. So I can be lighter on my feet when I dance (and I LOVE to dance!)
  26. So I learn to eat when I'm actually hungry and not "just because;" it makes food taste WAY better
  27. So I can wear my mother’s rings (ranging sizes 6–8)
  28. So I can wrap the towel around me (not a bath sheet) 
  29. So my 2XL robe Jordan bought me for Christmas can reach around me and not gape in the middle 
  30. So I can fit back into my “dating Jordan” clothes 
  31. So I don't have to tug self-consciously at my shirt hoping it will hide my tummy better
  32. So I can have access to my entire stash of size 24 and 22 jeans and pants in my closet 
  33. So that when I do yoga, my inflexibility stops me, not my own mass
  34. So I can get better at cycling and go fun places with my hubs 
  35. So I can cross my arms across my chest fully 
  36. So healthy meals can become a habit and not a culinary rarity
  37. So Jordan and my tummies aren’t the very first thing that meet when we hug 
  38. So that I can wake up in the morning and feel proud of what I see in the mirror
  39. So I could wear tights in the winter and be more comfortable in them 
  40. So indulgent foods can taste even more amazing if they’re not a regular part of my diet 
  41. So I don’t feel that anxious, gotta-have-it-and-all-of-it feeling when I’m eating something good 
  42. So I can feel strong and able, not slow and sluggish
  43. So I can shop at Victoria's Secret (her secret is none of her sizes fit big girls)
  44. So I can end days feeling happy not guilty about what I ate or the exercise I didn't do
  45. So other people aren’t always having to scoot in their chairs or stand up if I need to get by
  46. So when people who haven't seen me in a long while can be pleasantly surprised
  47. So I can become healthier than Jordan has ever seen me in my knowing him 
  48. So I can weigh as much as I say I do on my license (could be a while...)
  49. So my phone exercise band can fit around my bicep and not my forearm
  50. Because if I’m going to die young of some shitty disease like the women in my family tend to do, it won't be because I’m obese 
Some of these are really unflattering but I'm sharing them because if you've ever related to even one of them I want you to know you're not alone. 

Meg's 25-lb reward: Health magazine subscription
Jordan's 25-lb reward: Husker game


  1. Oh my goodness, I have my own list as well and some are the same. I can hear you saying these, there are sweet hopes on there. I know you can do it.

  2. Hi Larka, thank you for meeting me here and helping ME remember that I'M not alone in feeling this way. I would encourage everyone to make a list like this so that when you succeed, you can look back on it and watch numbers drop out of the 50. Only a few have dropped out (#3, #29, #36) but it's better than where I started! Chubby love to you and thank you for your endless encouragement!