Thursday, July 23, 2015

40 Down!!

Current Weight: 309 lbs
Total Loss: 40 lbs
Avg. Loss/Week: 2.66 lbs
- Body Weight %age: 11%

I came into PWLC over my lunch hour and was in the middle of a no-good-very-bad day. So much so, that when the cheery ladies at PWLC greeted me warmly, asking how I was, I bluntly replied "not so great, having a day where nothing is going my way." My nurse bubbled "well let's get you on the scale and maybe you'll get some good news." The froyo and extra servings I'd had that week loomed large in my memory and I knew there was no way. In my head, I directed snarky thoughts at my nurse all the way to the weigh-in room. But after stepping on the scale, the nurse said "um, do you have to use the restroom at all?" I said not really and she said "why don't you just go anyway."

Awkward. But you get used to the some weirdness when your body is dramatically changing.

I did it without questioning and when I returned and weighed again, she beamed "you're down 40 pounds, Miss Meg."

Naturally, I burst into tears. It was like the opposite of spontaneous combustion; hot tears in the place of flames. The nurse was so surprised she laughed a little and gave me a big hug congratulating me. As per tradition, the nurse had me sign my "milestone" and place it in the "40" jar (one for every 10 pounds), and snapped my picture. A few days later they posted my before and after photo to Facebook (obviously, I burned the sweater I was donning in the "before" photo) and the response was overwhelming. In four more pounds I will have lost the most I ever have. Forty-four, here I come!

RIP "before" outfit

Meg's 40-lb Reward: Dress, Top & Matching Jewelry (Budget of $75)

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