Thursday, July 9, 2015

Balancing Act

Current Weight: 312 lbs
Total Loss: 37 lbs
Avg. Loss/Week: 2.84 lbs
- Body Weight %age: 11%

It's been an interesting week, I'm discovering that I still have a lot to learn about living healthfully. What I did right this week is I delivered on my self-promise to work out at least 30 minutes every day this week. What I did wrong was I still have an unhealthy perspective that a little exercise = a lot of eating. I overdid it this week with portions and the choices of items I ate and now I'm having to come back from it and clean up my eating and it's HARD to go back even from a little naughtiness!

If When I get back on track with eating though and continue the working out I believe the results will return. This week, the workouts were surprisingly easy to work in and I thought to myself how much harder I'd been making the simple commitment of 30 minutes a day than it is.
  • Monday: Walked my Puppy 
  • Tuesday: Weeded and tended my garden 
  • Wednesday: Walked around Holmes Lake with my puppy 
  • Thursday: Walked around Holmes Lake with my puppy and husby 
  • Friday: Short walk and mini golf (okay...this day was"exercise lite" admittedly)

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