Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Big 5-0

Current Weight: 299 lbs
Total Loss: 50 lbs
Avg. Loss/Week: 2.4 lbs
- Body Weight %age: 14%

If I had to describe how it's felt to lose 50 pounds I'd simply say that it feels like I'm getting my body back. My body: flawed, still totally big, but much more mine. I pull on jeans from three years ago and they slip on with ease. I belt a dress and BAM there's a waistline for it to hug. And while losing weight all over is mostly sunshine and unicorns, I can't say anything good about the boob situation. My cups are more half empty than half full but what can I say? I was due for some new bras anyhow.

My 50-lb prize is the new blog design you're seeing! I kept my favorite color in the world (Meg + Sea Foam = 4ever) and did away with pretty much everything else. I really hope you enjoy it!

Here's a quick before and after picture to remind myself as much as you guys the difference 50 makes:

I think this is a good time to show you the "pound jars" that live in our kitchen. The week before we started at PWLC, I purchased:
  • Four tall glass cylinder jars
  • A whole lotta those glass decorative pebble things—each pebble represents a pound; Jordan's are black and mine are clear (let's just say I had to buy a lot more clear fact, only 119 fit in my "to lose" jar so I'll have to get another "pounds lost" jar once I'm through this one!)
  • A set of chalkboard sticker labels
  • A chalkboard pen
You may have seen this before (I got it off of Pinterest) but the idea is that you put all the pound pebbles that you have to lose in one jar labeled "Pounds to Lose" and leave the other empty and label it "Pounds Lost" and transfer the pound pebbles from the first jar to the second as you lose weight.

We weigh in twice a week and mark our progress with loud clacks of the pebbles in the jar. We keep them in the kitchen so they're a constant reminder to think about the bigger picture before we make our food choices. Between you and me, I'm pretty sure Jordan thinks the whole thing is kind of hokey idea but 1) he loves me too much to say so and 2) that boy beams when friends and family come over, point at his jar and say "really? 48 down, that's great!" So the jars stay.

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  1. Congratulations on such a big milestone! You look beautiful in that red dress! You should have it tailored to fit so you can keep wearing it. So proud of you sweet girl. Cheering you on!