Thursday, August 6, 2015

Typhoid Mary

Current Weight: 307 lbs
Total Loss: 42 lbs
Avg. Loss/Week: 2.33 lbs
- Body Weight %age: 12%

Oh my goodness. Y'all, my day off work turned into a WEEK away from the office. I went in for a half day yesterday and a half day today finally and I am just dead on my feet. I managed to contract tonsillitis and bronchitis in the middle of summer. It's a gift, what can I say?
It churned alright...

Anyway, this is possibly the worst cold I've ever had. I finally caved and got meds on Monday but the bad news is my z-pack has made me very nauseous so I'm not keeping down any food and my cough won't let me sleep more than five interrupted hours a night so I'm just really weak. The only food that feels good on my throat is ice cream. After my appointment, I visited Walgreen's and bought a half gallon of Edy's slow churned mint chocolate chip slow churn (along with half their cold and flu aisle).

My at-home nurse
I went home and turned on reruns of Love It or List It with the ice cream on my lap. By the third episode my spoon was scraping the bottom. I dropped the spoon in the carton and set it aside. I continued to watch my show but my stomach had other ideas and soon was making some truly remarkable noises. I casually stood up, went to the kitchen, and projectile vomited the entirety of the ice cream into the sink. I don't know if it was the lactose (which I basically have almost none with our plan) or the high sugar content but my body had nothing good to say about my choices for the day. I shrugged, walked back to the couch and opened my laptop to pass some time. I debated logging the ice cream in MyFitnessPal but ultimately decided against it, shut the computer down, and went to sleep. The rest of the week went just about as well. Sleep, eat, toss cookies, sleep, repeat.

Not exactly the "fun" post I promised but it's real life, Chickens. Now go wash your hands.

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