Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bloggers I Heart

Heading out on vacation this week with my hottie hubs 
so no weight-loss updates until September 17. 
I am plateau city at 51 down and Jordan is ONE away from 50 down.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was because I have been so over-the-top inspired by other women of the blogger world. Here's a few blogs I follow religiously and on my bucket list is to meet them all, give them an awkwardly long hug, and tell them in person how influential they've been on my weight-loss journey: 
ABOUT: My friend Tiffany introduced me to this blog in 2010 and I have been hanging on Andie Mitchell's every word since. She, wisely, started her weight loss journey about 10 years before I did at age 20. Now 30, she had had 10 years to learn what it's like to keep off the weight, deal with fluctuation, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight is one thing but keeping it off is a lifelong challenge.

WHY I LOVE ANDIE: She loves food and has made a life study of finding foods that will love her back and allow her to live her best life. She also recently published her memoir It Was me All Along which was fantastic. I laughed, I cried, I lived vicariously through her success. The latter is one of the many reasons I felt I could take this journey and succeed. Seeing her do it through her blog (and her book) was hugely motivating.

ABOUT: A local heroine! Sara Giboney lives in Kearney, NE and writes from a more fitness-centric point of view. According to her about page, she has struggled with her weight all her life but today, you'd never guess this in shape fitness instructor was ever anything but in control of her health. Her content is always fresh, full of personal photos;  whether she's covered in post-workout sweat or dolled up with eyeliner skillz en pointe, she's a beautiful spirit.

WHY I LOVE SARA: I love that the places she shops, visits, instructs at are all local and available a short trip away. Someday I hope to meet her in person (she's a friend of a friend)...perhaps a weight loss prize could be contacting her and requesting a coffee or something if she's open to it!

ABOUT: I'm new to her blog but this chick has dropped some serious poundage, 110 pounds to be exact. She touts her site as a weight loss body positive fitness blog. She's more focused on body acceptance than I am at this point in my journey. I struggle with the balance of loving my body for what it is while coping with the reality that my body is not healthy.

WHY I LOVE EMMIE: She reminds me that while I'm working on things I have two strong legs that carry me, beautiful features ready to flaunt, and that I HAVE fat, I AM not fat. Learning the difference has been an important lesson brought by Emmie.

Runs for Cookies

ABOUT: I may never give up my dream of becoming a runner but after trying to become a chubby runner, my body just doesn't accept this exercise at the size I am now. However, Katie has shown that you can become a runner at any size and shares her love/hate for the activity in her blog. She has been in the blogging game for a while and has a prolific amount of content so if you're endlessly curious like I am, you can dig into the layers of her story and history a long time before learning all about her.

WHY I LOVE KATIE: She loves sweet things as much as I do (therefore the blog title) and I just really love the thoroughness of her blog content. She pours so much of herself and so much work into it so I'm always finding something new to read when I visit.

NOTE: I don't own any of the photos on this post but I'm hopeful my fellow bloggesses don't sue the pants off me and rather, enjoy my idolizing them. 


  1. Meg, you are so wonderful. Thank you with all my heart for your kindness, and more than that -- for sticking with me all these years. I honestly can't express how much it means to me.

    YOU are an inspiration. Glad to know you :) xo


  2. What a fantastic post! Thank you SO much for reading. I love the name of your blog, by the way. Best wishes on your own journey!

  3. Thanks so much for including me in this roundup, and for the kind words! These are some of my favorite bloggers as well. Many hugs