Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Spot of Tea

Current Weight: 303 lbs
Total Loss: 46 lbs
Avg. Loss/Week: 1.4 lbs
- Body Weight %age: 14%

Decluttering efforts at home have been wildly successful this week (before and after photos coming soon) but I've gotta come clean in a different way: I'm having very little progress with the weight loss lately.

You can see the big spike around the first of October after we returned from our trip and I'm up again a touch from birthday weekend and emotional eating this weekend. From my stats above you can see I'm only averaging 1.4 pounds a week where I should be at two pounds a week based on my plan.

I'm a little divided on the whole motivation thing—on one hand, I'm totally jealous that Jordan will be done with the plan in just one week and on his way to gaining a higher calorie allowance. On the other hand, I am SO PROUD of him I could burst.

Also, I'm just tired of restriction. I cheat because I feel deprived and my cheats are sometimes sexy (there's been a little Chick Fil-A and cake in the past couple weeks I'm not gonna lie) but for the most part it's the overeating of healthy foods. I'm learning that healthy portions are just as important as selecting the right foods.

In related news, I can't buh-lieve how small a single cup of popcorn is—have you ever measured just ONE CUP of popcorn? It's like five kernels. I'm going to invent a new unit of measurement for popcorn called "a Redenbacher" equivalent to at least four cups.

Back to what I was saying, the upside is I love that I finally know the why when I am not losing weight. Knowing what my body and needs/wants is no longer a mystery and this new found sense of control over my own wellness is very empowering. I have a goal to be down 65 pounds by Christmas (that's 19 pounds in six weeks) and I know how to hit it.

One treat that I've talked about before in a past post is David's Tea (and no, this is not a sponsored post/blog—I just love them). I first learned about David's Tea on Runs for Cookies' blog under her "Favorite Things" page (which I need to make one of those, I think) and was very intrigued by the image of Red Velvet Cake tea.

David's Tea is a Canadian tea company. I've been ordering their teas online since we started the plan and they indulge my sweet tooth with sophistication (pinkie finger up!).

THEN, when we visited Chicago, not far from the Magnificent Mile, Jordan spotted a real-life David's store and to hear Jordan tell it, it was the most excited I was the whole trip. "You looked like you were in Disneyland," he tole me. Sounds about right. Just LOOK at how cute this store is. I could live there.

Sipping "Bear Trap"!
Now that we're entering the cold winter months, I'm even MORE enamored with their artful blends. I really prefer the herbal blends because I'm pretty light on the caffeine these days but they also seem to have the best flavor to me. 
My Favorites:
Birthday Cake—rooibos, vanilla, honeybush (SPRINKLES!)
Oh Canada—rooibos, caramel, maple syrup, almonds (look at the little leaves!)
Strawberry Colada—coconut, strawberries, pineapple, hibiscus
Bear Trap—blackberry, strawberry, elderberry, lemon verbena, hibiscus, black currant, rose hips
Cold 911—peppermint, juniper berry, apple, orange, eucalyptus
Jordan loves Blueberry Jam—black tea, elderberry, cornflower, blueberry

On My Wish List:
(*hint hint, hubs!)

Santa's Helper—candy canes and vanilla
Banana Nut Bread—dates, almonds, banana, currants
Snow Day—chocolate, mint, white chocolate 
NOTE: my friend Alison gave me a tin of Harney & Sons chocolate mint tea for my birthday (October 30) and today, November 12 it is almost GONE. SO GOOD!!! Amazing with a little coconut milk for creaminess.

To anyone else in a weight-loss rut like me, I won't give up if you won't! For the next six weeks I challenge all of us to 1) find things to do with ourselves besides eat 2) limit the barrage of holiday treats to a few favorites and 3) cozy up with a cuppa tea and savor its innocent deliciousness! In fact, I will send a David's Tea gift to one of my commenters on this post (the comment has to be made in the next five days and if there's several comments, I'll have Jordan randomly select one)—I love their teas and it would make me happy to treat you as a thank you for your readership! 


  1. You can do it, Meg!! I'm so inspired (and read every one) by your posts! I'm trying to stay healthy throughout the holidays, and you're right--portions are definitely a part of being healthy. Perfect advice/wisdom for the holidays!

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  3. This is amazing! I love tea, am from Chicago, and I didn't know this existed! *googling DavidsTea now. Inspiring!

  4. So proud of you Meg!! I keep telling myself I'm gonna try the tea thing but I just never have. Good luck to both of us this holiday season!

  5. You are a true inspiration, Meg! I LOVE DAVID'S TEAS TOO! I discovered their store in San Francisco this Summer! This post was a great reminder that I need to order more tea and find a few gifts for friends! Keep up the good work! Hugs!!! Becky Abbott

  6. I'm so proud of you, regardless of numbers. You're doing such a great job and building an incredible awareness for your family about foods and beverages and everything in between (is there an in between?) I've moved to tea more this pregnancy and have found the side effects of coffee to bother me more than I thought! I'm looking up David's right now to see what they've got for mamas! Love you, girl. -Heather E.

  7. I would love to try David's Tea! And shame on me since I LIVE in Canada and haven't yet. (don't worry, I'll make it a local gift if I win ;)
    Sarah M

  8. Can we have tea sometime? *pinkies up. Would love to try these! Maybe they would help with my caffeine intake. Your authenticity and vulnerability, as well as healthy food ideas inspire me!!

  9. Meg. You are rocking it! Way to keep pushing. And by the way, the mug on your wish list is simply perfect in every way. You're gonna kill it over the holiday season :)

  10. Pick me! Pick me! 😉😬 The tea sounds fancy!!
    Good luck, you can do it!!! (P.s. How many cups is a bag of micro popcorn?? Bc I can eat a whole bag... 😐) See you Saturday!!!
    --Rachel N