Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Keep on Keepin' on

Current Weight: 303 lbs
Total Loss: 46 lbs
- Body Weight %age: 13%

Last week I promised tips for the Thanksgiving holiday but a bloggess I've long admired, Sara Giboney, shared a post she wrote that would top anything I had in mind. I highly recommend giving this a read and I especially liked suggestions #1, #4, and #7. I'm thankful for your excellent example and inspiration, Sara!

Instead, a little honesty takes precedence this week: I weighed in on Monday and was disappointed to be back up a pound after being down two last week. My progress lately (since early September) has sucked. No two ways about it. During my weigh in I had a chance to process my two-almost-three-month plateau with one of the PWLC gals:

1) I'd lost my motivation. Not altogether, obviously, but in some ways I'd lost sight of why I'm doing this in the first place. The PWLC gal suggested I read through my old blog posts and find my motivation again. I revisited my list of 50 reasons to lose weight I made during week six of this journey. It was pretty amazing to mentally cross off a few items as I read (3, 6, 7, 17, and 29) but so many remain. As I reached for foods or second helpings the past couple days, my mind urged do you want that more than you want to wear that red dress in your closet you've never worn? More than going into regular stores to shop for jeans? More than you want to ride your bike comfortably in the spring? The answers kept me on track this week so far.

2) I forgot about "just today." Ever heard the expression "you can dish it out but you can't take it"? That's how I feel about my week 28 post about staying present and making good choices just today. As the holidays stretch before me, I'm more preoccupied than I care to admit with how much I want to eat recklessly from Halloween to New Year's like I always do. Overeating, for me, is a tradition unto itself, but if I can stay focused on making good choices "just today" then I can get and stay back no track.

3) My clothes are fitting better and I feel more like myself. Which is a good thing! But I'm also in my comfort zone now. I'm used to being the 300-pound gal and if I'm honest, I'm a little anxious about losing much more. The lightest I remember being is 280 pounds seven years ago when I lived in San Diego and the thought of dipping below that number is...weird. If  When I dip lower than that weight I won't have a stitch of clothing that will fit me anymore. I'll feel/look better and won't have the excuse of "being too heavy" when faced with new activities. In some ways I'll be a different person and that's an exciting but scary thought.

4) I stopped exploring healthy foods and recipes. It's tough to meal plan for and try new, healthy recipes when you get home from work hungry and tired. It's also easy to get in a rut with healthy, prepared foods: choose the same yogurt brand, same low-cal's important to keep it fresh and interesting. This week when I was dying to walk the holiday candy aisle with one arm extended scooping all the things into my cart, I instead gave myself permission to go to the dairy section and pick out three new yogurt flavors (I thrilling). But I accidentally discovered Quark and I'm telling you people, you haven't lived until you try this stuff! I checked the label TWICE while I was digging in to make sure I didn't accidentally select a one of those high-fat content yogurts because it was so rich, creamy and not at all sour! NOM! Check it out, I tried the mint chocolate flavor and found the brand at Target.

5) I neglected to be thankful. My PWLC gal reminded me that not everyone can lose weight as easily as I can. I almost decked her for saying "easily" but she was absolutely right. Some individuals don't lose weight easily at all whether due to a resistant body or a condition/limitation that prevents them from doing so. I have everything I need to succeed: mad support from family, friends, and readers (love you all); enough resources to pay for PWLC's plan; the time to prepare food because we don't have kids; and a body that accepts the changes I'm proposing daily.
Taking things a step further, Jordan asked me this week "do you ever think about how while we are trying not to eat food and be good that there are people without food at all?" As I reflect on our volunteer time with our Life Group this weekend at The Center for People in Need bagging groceries, I feel overwhelmingly humbled to be in a position of restriction than of want.

I have what I need to succeed (rhyming not intended). I'm not going to make it to my 65 pounds down by Christmas goal, it's just not realistic and I'm sorry to disappoint. But I am thankful for all the factors that allow me to do what I'm doing and I'm not stopping anytime soon. Promise.

Happy Thanksgiving and chubby love to you all!


  1. Cheering you on from afar, Meg. You may not remember me (I first met you when I was a Barista at the southpointe Starbucks, then at Grace Chapel), but I HAD to write in today. I also have struggled the last 7+ years with weight loss/gain and something I read recently stopped me in my tracks (if only I'd known this years ago when I was down in weight...). Long plateaus are actually your body "resetting" itself. So, for example, when I had lost 25 lbs in 5 1/2 months, I endured a 3-4 month long plateau (I couldn't handle it, I was so discouraged). I think if I would have known that that plateau was my body readjusting and resetting itself to its NEW weight (my 'high weight' was not it's normal anymore!!), I think I could have kept going...but I didn't know that at the time. After about 4 months I realized I could not eat so little for the rest of my life (I did not diet healthfully, I really nearly starved myself), and I just said "eff it" and of course gained 30 lbs over the course of the next year. This time I'm finding the lbs so much harder to actually come OFF one by one, but I have that 'plateau is my new normal weight' in my head. It's just one more thing to arm myself with. Keep writing, keep going!
    Sarah M

  2. Oh Sarah, of course I remember you! I often visit to check out what you've been reading/watching and I let your reviews dictate whether I spend my time on a book/movie or not!

    Thank you SO MUCH for your personal thoughts on plateauing. It has been SO discouraging and on Tuesday I realized I'd officially spent THREE MONTHS gaining and losing the same five pounds. This revelation from you was hugely encouraging and I'm convinced is the only thing that helped me hold back tears during my weigh in this week. I have been back on track this week and am feeling superb (my mind and body are responding so well to the turnaround).
    Thank you for taking the time to comment; it really helped and thank you for being behind me as I keep going!