Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Kisses

Current Weight: TBD (weighed in on diff. days due to weather on Monday)

Okay Chickens, I am BACK (on track). I can’t explain what words or trick of the mind flipped my switch from off to on but something inside me shifted and it’s the same sensation I had when I started this journey. It’s in my mindset—I feel like someone else as I dust off my willpower and ask myself a questions like “how does this food/drink serve my body?” *This wise question was given to me by Sara at Sweet Success.

And obviously, I can feel it in my body as I hydrate (9–12 cups/day) and feed it normal portions of wholesome foods. Also, my husband has turned workouts into romantic rendezvous by sending me a flirty email “Hey Girl, I’ve seen you around the gym. Meet me there, I’ll be the one in the Red Sox tee.” So now we work out together every other day and I’m tracking every last calorie on MyFitnessPal to be shared with my PWLC gals for accountability. I’m so happy to finally be out of my rut and I will try to be patient when it comes to seeing results on the scale. There’s no way I can healthily make it to my old goal of 65 pounds down by Christmas but there’s no way I’m ending this year without saying “I lost 50 pounds in 2015.”

To help me plan for healthy holidays, I was doing some research on not-as-bad Christmas cookie recipes and stumbled across my absolute FAVORITE holiday cookie of all time and discovered that it was actually one of the best-for-you cookie options out there!!! Does anyone else remember “Forgotten Meringue Kisses”? Growing up I loved how they crunched and crumbled in an unholy mess on my cute chubby belly so I’d pick the little white flakes off my (probably unicorn-themed) sweatshirt.

One December, while I was feeling homesick and living on my own in San Diego, I whipped up a batch. I had to settle for an online version of the recipe instead of our stained and bent-cornered one at home. The baking temp and time were listed differently on the online version but I didn’t know it until I pulled out the cookies and bit into one and instead of crunching through and through it crunched on the outside but then was gorgeously chewy and sticky on the inside. I didn’t realize all these years we’d been overbaking them and now they tasted EVEN BETTER. 

So to kick off this holiday month, I wanted to share some kisses with you all and the best part is that if you have your kitchen stocked with basics, you likely don’t even have to run out to the store for ingredients (I love it when that happens). From my chubby heart to yours: 

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  1. Umm nom nom nom nom! I love merengues in any form! I have never tried them with chocolate chips--that sounds delicious.