Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mind Games

Current Weight: 302 lbs
Total Loss: 47 lbs
- Body Weight %age: 13%

Listen, I consider myself a fairly clever person. I mean, it's not like Mensa International has me on speed dial or anything but I get by. And yet somehow, despite my towering intellect, I've found ways to trick myself into being healthier.
Aside from teas that taste like dessert, the teeth brushing early so you don't eat after 8 pm thing, and drink a glass of water first if you're hungry (all of which work, by the way), I've cultivated a few more that have helped make this whole healthier living thing a no-brainer.

Find a friend who loves you enough to make you miserable.
My friend, Nia, is a total pain.
Last month she suggested we start running on Saturday mornings. The look of expectation in her eyes was so pure and steady--as if she had no doubt in her mind that I was totally the type who would just pick up and run with her. Despite my better judgement, I accepted. We've been walk/running every Saturday since (with the exception of the holiday weekend). During our running stretches, she will say "you're doing amazing, just keep going until that fire hydrant" so we do. And the second we're within a yard of the damn thing, she'll change our goal to "Just to that tree!!" and I can't say no because the stupid tree is just right there a few yards further and even though every fiber of me despises her in that moment, I keep running because SHE'S running and I'm not going to just let her sorry ass run we do it.
And I hate her. Then after a bit, we finish the walk/run (3.5 miles last week!) and the endorphins and pride rush in and I have to fight the urge to propose marriage to the woman. Her mind trick, while odious in the moment, makes me better long term and I absolutely love her for it.

Test to see if you're bored or hungry. This one was my grandma's: "I'm hungry" I'd whine when I was little with anticipation that she would present me with the package of Oreos that she kept without fail and pour me a glass of whole milk. But sometimes, she would turn on me and ask "are you hungry enough to eat an apple?" as she held one out to me. I almost always said no because apples ≠ Oreos. She'd plop it back in the wicker fruit basket and say "if you were really hungry, you'd say yes but really you're just bored; let's go play a game." This simple concept still applies and makes for a great litmus test when my mind says "hungry" but my stomach says "I'm good."

Pre-log food. The only thing in my life that can compete with my love of food is my love of lazy. If I take the time to painstakingly log the food I plan to eat at my next meal into MyFitnessPal I tend not to eat extra portions or something I know I don't need for the simple reason that I don't want to go back and update my log. Laziness 1 | Food 0.

Fill your plate and make it pretty. Thanks to the iChing of culinary education (I'm of course referring to the TV show Chopped) I know that "you eat with your eyes first." So since I started the plan, I've made a point of eating lunches at home, plating nice-looking meals for myself every day.

It helps me see whether or not I've achieved a balanced meal or not and I always use a small salad plate vs. our dinner plate. The plate trick is the oldest weight loss trick in the book but it's super effective. When I see food touching or even spilling over the edge of my plate it makes my chubby heart so happy.

Remember the first bite is always the very best bite. This is my absolute favorite one so far. I'm embarrassed to tell you that sweets trigger a feeding frenzy in me. I want it all. I want to find the biggest piece, with the most frosting, and I want to lick the plate when I'm done. The end. However, one of the gals at PWLC taught me that the first bite of anything is always the best bite. After a few bites, your taste buds are less excited than they were initially and the pleasure wanes a little. So I've taken to eating just the first one or two bites of a really good dessert and it usually does the trick! This works especially well with ice cream since the cold tends to numb my tongue and I only taste cold and sugar after a while anyway.

I hope a few of these were useful to you! I'm always looking for good ideas; what works for you?

Speaking of desserty teas, here's my "twinner" (tea winner) Emily with her yum assortment of David's Teas. I hope you love them as much as I do, Emily!


  1. OH Lauren, that is so freaking sweet. I miss you at Firespring! Sending big love!