Thursday, December 31, 2015

Peace Out 2015

Current Weight: 303.8 lbs
Total Loss: 45.2 lbs
- Body Weight %age: 13%

Happy (almost) New Year, Everyone!

I am so excited to start a fresh new year and can't wait to post next week about my new year's resolutions and hopefully hear some of yours too. Here's a tool I found online to help anyone like me who has a hard time choosing which resolutions to make for the new year: Year Compass. It's a totally free, downloadable booklet you can print out, sit down with a hot cup of coffee and work through to process the past year and make plan and goals for the next. I really enjoyed the process and hope you do too!

This time last year I met with a counselor who gave me some good advice: make your list of resolutions as long as you want but then pick five that are attainable and will bring you and others the most happiness and make those your five resolutions. 

I did this last year and the result was that I actually only had three resolutions in 2015: 
1) Become a healthier Meg than I was last year.
2) Look for ways to make others happy.
3) Be the best wife to Jordan I can.

These resolutions aren't like my goals at work: they can't be measured nor were they particularly specific but they made the last year so much better. It was the first time I didn't write "Lose X lbs before next year" and here I am 45 pounds lighter than I was in 2015. I really wanted to end the year at 50 down again but you know what? I've got the rest of my life to work on this! I am still on my plan and I only gained a total of 1.8 pounds over the holiday and I am really proud of that. I'm not going to look back on this year and think "ugh, what an awful plateau" I'm looking back and saying HOLY SHIZZ, I JUST LOST A SECOND GRADER (weight equiv.)! And so did my totally hot, amazing husband! 

And this change made me a better Meg. I'm sure it made me a little insufferable at times talking about food, how much I missed food, how I wish food would call me back...but really I did talk about food more in the last year than I have in my entire life. But overall, my energy has enabled me to give back more—I enthusiastically embraced opportunities to go on walk/runs with friends, do a 5k with family, help a couple of friends move, stay up late and cook an extra dish for a party because I had energy out the wazoo! Energy has been weight loss' greatest gift to me and I am loving it.

It also made me a better wife. I had so much more get-up-and-go and desire to explore new foods, new activities, get outside, and wake up earlier and seize the day with Jordan who was also up early because we sleep better now that we're healthier. I don't mind telling you that with our extra energy and better-lookin' bodies that not-sleeping didn't suck either #winkwink #sorrydad #iobviouslydontknowhowhashtagswork.

Can you even imagine how good I'll feel when I leave the 300s in the dust? I can't but dammit, I am GOING to find out in 2016! I can't wait to take on the next year and show myself and every one of you sweet readers what I can do!

One last thing before I make this final post in 2015—there's a question in the Year Compass that asks what your biggest accomplishments from 2015 were and "who helped you achieve these successes?" I type this through tears because my answer is: the fiercely loyal community of friends, family, and readers of this blog. Countless times I thought I couldn't do this and I still have "I can't" moments all the time but each of you, some of whom I've never even met, wrapped me up in your words of encouragement and in a myriad of ways insisted, "yes, you can."

Thank you from the bottom of my chubby heart and I am sending strength, love, and gratitude to you all and wishing you the happiest of years in 2016. See you next week.


  1. Awwww thanks, Kate! I appreciate your support a lot and don't judge me when I mow during our "family meat fest" tomorrow! LOL
    So happy you're part of our lives this year (and years to come), Miss Kate.