Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Health Resolutions

Fresh starts are my thing. Another birthday, another new year, a new season, I’ll use any excuse to start over. And being a perfectionist, I really know how to work hard and make things happen. I also know how to fail HARD and give up.

A Brief History of Januaries with Meg:
January 1: I have the drive of Jillian Michaels, the organization of Marie Kondo, and conviction of Oprah combined. My limbic brain screams “LET’S DO THIS” queuing Jock Jams in my head.
January 5: I conclude my “fresh start” by mumbling “good enough” through a mouthful of Oreos, as I snuggle deeper into a pile of unfolded laundry as I binge watched Felicity reruns on Netflix.*

First sugary latte of the year = diet game over.
First dust bunnies skipping along the tile = housekeeping duties failed.
First failure to call back a client in 24 hours = self-imposed quota ruined.

That was then.

Something has shifted since Jordan and I started the whole weight-loss thing. Jordan dragged my butt to Physician’s Weight Loss Center on April 4. APRIL, a total weirdo time to start anything by anyone’s standards and it wasn’t even the first of the month. To be honest, I was so sure I would fail that I didn’t even care.

But as you know, things started to happen and I lost weight. Along the way,
My perfectionism was and is ebbing away and it’s making my life more perfect. 

You’ve heard it before but if you’re like me you can’t hear it enough: one of the keys to success is being kind to yourself. When I deviate from the plan, I no longer allow my two halves to war with each other: the hunger monster that ruins my life versus the perfect me I want to be. Rather, I treat them like two friends—the half that likes to be a little naughty sometimes and seize the moment (or the chocoalte) and the voice of reason who creates balance. Instead of using hurtful, bullying words to myself I apply patience, perspective, and self-love to reason my way through the lapse.

So this year, I set health resolutions based on what I learned during my journey last year:
  1. Be kind to myself every step of the way.
  2. Explore and celebrate new foods—visit new spots in the grocery store and buy at least one whole food a month I’ve never prepared before.
  3. Enjoy the moment—I will eat cake, indulge in pizza with my husband, and try new, decadent foods when we travel.
  4. Pursue balance—indulgences will be countered with healthy choices and lazy weekends will give way to active weeks.
  5. Seize opportunities to be active—I will accept invitations to work out with friends and create opportunities for Jordan and I to share the outdoors and exercise together.
I would love to hear your new year’s resolutions, health-related or not. Comment below or post as a comment on Facebook!
Happy 2016 to you all and I can’t wait to spend another year with this amazing community and chubby love to you all!

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