Thursday, January 21, 2016


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So one of my lovely blog followers requested more information on spiralizing (this is for you MissDancyPants!) so let me just tell you how FREAKING AMAZING spiralizers are. I received the Paderno Spiralizer for Christmas as a very thoughtful present from my sweet dad and step-mom and I'll tell you what's so great about it:

1) It stores like a dream. My first thought when I got it was "uh oh, another kitchen accessory to store" but it's brilliantly designed to be really compact, easy to clean, and easy to set up. Hurrah for great design!

2) It's fast to use. I'm lazy, so the fact that it's super fast to make my own "zoodles" lickety split is a big bonus because eating healthy takes a lot more time and intention than eating crappy. This tool makes spiralizing fun and fast.

3) It doesn't taste like healthy crap. I really didn't think I'd ever like squash or zucchini noodles, I mean nothing tastes like chewy, carby, comforting starch straws but the nutrient and calorie count speaks for itself when you compare the two and I've always been a "sauce" girl anyway so put enough spaghetti sauce or teriyaki on my veggie noodles and I'm a happy girl.

Here's the recipe Jordo and I made together last night  (uh, which we loosely followed) and we had a lot of fun cooking together in the kitchen. I STRONGLY encourage you to try spiralizing for yourself and let me know what recipes you've tried and loved!