Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ripple Effect

When I was attending college at UNL, there was a guy I was vaguely aware of as I drifted on the periphery of the J-school (journalism) crowd. He was a big deal at the Daily Nebraskan and I always assumed he was a little too cool for me (honestly, I thought everyone at the DN was...if you knew me in college, you'll know I wasn't wrong). But way back when I must have friended him on Facebook and he's survived my periodic friending purges because he's a comedian and his posts always crack me up.

Recently, he shared a post that got my attention; he shared a piece he wrote called "What I Learned by Not Drinking for Two Years." I read it right away and was so impressed with his commitment to health and changing his habits. Over the next few weeks the thing went totally viral and he even appeared in a video by the Chicago Tribune:

I think he provides a really good example of how one dramatic life change (in his case, stopping drinking and choosing to work out more) can result in big pay off. I don't claim to know the guy at all but my chubby heart is proud of him for losing 75 pounds and finding more love for himself. Well done, Andy.

Hoping you find Andy's story as funny and inspiring as I did!

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