Thursday, February 11, 2016

For the Love of Sugar

My girl, Sara Giboney, from Sweet Success gave her second "Kick Your Sugar Cravings" workshop and for a second time I had to miss it! She's written a great post about sugar cravings before but I really wanted to see her in action! At least there's a clip of her from the Nebraska TV channel but I can't wait for her workshop and my schedule to align so I can soak up her knowledge!

Today, I have my own super simple tip to help you control your sweets intake. I learned this trick from a book I read a long time ago called French Women Don't Get Fat. This book taught me that the primary trick to not overdoing it on the sweets is to eat quality sweets.  It talked about how French women take time at their meals, including the dessert course, and enjoy every bite of their food and opt for high-quality, thoughtfully prepared foods.

I joke about eating Oreos by the row (and by "joke" I mean I've totally done this on multiple occassions). I can remember eating M&Ms by the handful or polishing off medium bags of caramel popcorn from Colby Ridge.

But I also remember savoring the best dessert I ever had in Kansas City when I was 16: an orange pot d'creme with pistachio dust at Lidia's. I also remember savoring these cupcakes in the photo when my husband brought them home for fun one evening and stopping after I started to feel full. I remember slowly sipping my cafe breve at The Coffee House downtown and enjoying every bit of my eight ounce cuppa.

There's something about cheap sweets that drive me to binge. Part of my brain tells me "well, it doesn't cost much so somehow it won't cost many calories either...or if it does, heck, at least I'll eat it all fast so it's not around to tempt me anymore."

I don't know where this bad behavior stemmed from, I just know that it's been with me as long as I can remember. These days, I splurge on $4 dark chocolate bars at Whole Foods instead of spending $0.99 on a king-size Kit Kat; the first can last me a full week, the other about forty seconds.

Jordan ordered us a decadent dessert set from Goldenrod Pastries this year for a Valentine's treat and I've been looking forward to it all week! Before, he would have likely bought me a box of chocolates which I would have polished off in a few days.

There are plenty of folks who don't have binging or abusive relationship with sweets but for those of us who do and know the guilt and stomach aches that follow, I hope this one tip is useful to you as it has been to me! I'll end with my modified French motto:

Happy Valentine's Day with chubby love from me!

By the way, I would LOVE to hear your tips for how you deal with sugar cravings! Comment below or hit me up on Facebook to share your wisdom.

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  1. There are two tricks in my book for my sugar cravings. One is a chocolate mug cake recipe I concocted by using substitutes. It's healthy, and I can usually only eat half of it because it's so deliciously rich.
    4 tbsp whole wheat flour
    2 tbsp cocoa
    3 tbsp skim milks
    3 tbsp coconut oil
    1 tbsp chia seeds soaked in 3 tbsp water for 15 minutes (creates egg consistency)
    2 tbsp maple syrup
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    Sweet cacao nibs

    Mix it all together and microwave in a mug for 1:45 minutes. It's sooo good! I don't even notice all the substitutes. It's a dense, rich chocolate cake for me. Perfect with a glass of milk.

    The other thing I love for sugar cravings is Halo On Top ice cream. It's all-natural ice cream that is only 240 calories per pint! It's delicious and healthy with protein powder. And, it's less calories per cup than frozen yogurt which I also love.

    If I'm really craving something "real" then indulging in a chocolate almond croissant from Le Quartier is always the answer for me :)