Monday, July 10, 2017

Baby, I'm Back!

Current Weight: 326 lbs
Loss in 2nd Round: 6.2 lbs

- Body Weight %age: 7%
Original Weight: 349 lbs 
Total Loss: 23 lbs 
Here we go again!

I took a long break starting last February 2016 after discovering I was pregnant with our first child! I learned from Physicians Weight Loss Center (PWLC) that I couldn't continue the program pregnant (I was on 1000 cal/day) so I put my program on hold.

9 lbs 4 oz of perfection
Mary Lynnlee arrived on September 16, 2016 and she is the most incredible thing we've ever seen.

I tried to start up with PWLC while I was breastfeeding but they don't have a plan for that. I proceeded to breastfeed exclusively for one week shy of six months and all my girlfriends reassured me "the baby weight will just melt off once you are done breastfeeding." FALSE. Every pound I'd gained in pregnancy stayed and it invited about seven friends. Sigh.

January 2016 | Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 307 lbs
September 15 2016 | Delivery Weight: 345 lbs
October 2016 | Post-Pregnancy Weight: 325 lbs
June 2017 | 332.2 lbs

I yo-yoed between 321 and 335 since then and after we returned from another vacation (involving another seat belt extender) I rejoined PWLC.

I've been with PWLC for three weeks today and I'm down 6.2. That's 23 total pounds since I started in April 2015. It doesn't sound like a lot because in some ways its not.

But in other ways it is.

I've never had a big loss and kept even some of it off...EVER. So to start back up on this journey at any kind of a loss is a big damn deal for me even if I have gained back 27 lbs of progress because in that time this body I sometimes love sometimes hate made a human being! By the grace of God I carried and delivered a healthy baby girl and she is everything

June 2017 | 330 lbs
Here's what I know:
I know I wouldn't take back a second of sitting around, holding my baby for the past nine months. I'm not saying you can't be active with a newborn—you can and you really shouldbut for me personally, I spent every second I could snuggling her up, sitting on the floor with her, or dozing in a recliner with her asleep on my chest.

I know once she starts toddling and exploring her world the activity will come and I will miss curling up with her for hours on end.

I know I want to be better for her and set an example of a healthy relationship with nourishment and movement.
I know I can't be the very best mom I can be at 332 pounds.

So off I go and it's every bit as hard as I remember but I have more than ever to work toward especially as Jordan and I are talking about trying for Baby #2 once Lynnlee hits one year. My doctor believes my 50 lb weight loss aided in my fertility the first time around and I can tell you I wouldn't have wanted to carry one single pound more than I was when I got to third trimester!

I look forward to documenting the journey for anyone who may find value in following along and wish me luck as get up and start walking the "Megnificent Miles" again!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Lao Tzu



  1. Love this and you Meg! You can do it!!

  2. Thanks so much, Kate; it means more than you even know to receive your feedback and encouragement! In the not-so-distant future, we will look forward to bringing the party to you in Nashville!!

  3. I love this blog and am so excited for you! I can already tell you are going to inspire me to lose baby #2 weight:) Good luck love!!! - Erika (ED)

  4. Hi ED! Thank you sooo much for the encouraging note! It is such great fuel for this process. I am so excited for your baby #2 to arrive, what a blessing! You just focus on cooking up another gorgeous babe and if you would ever like to go on a walk and catch up, hit me up! <3