Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nonlinear Function

Current Weight: 323.4 lbs
Gain this week: 1.6 lbs
Loss in 2nd Round: 9.2 lbs

- Body Weight %age: 7%
Original Weight: 349 lbs 
Total Loss: 26 lbs

I’ve been learning this in big and small ways: 

Big Wayin 2016 when I was refreshed by the new year and hoping to continue my weight loss at a pretty good clip only to discover something even more exciting: I was pregnant!

Small Waythis past girl’s weekend comprised of choices good and bad on my part; my first big departure from the plan since I started. I shared a wonderful weekend traveling with my book club to Red Cloud for our Willa Cather pilgrimage. 
I sort of started off on the right foot but ultimately ended up eating pizza and handfuls of Cheez-Its with M&Ms (an amazing combination but you didn’t hear it from me!). I ended the weekend with some fries and ice cream after returning home but what was different this time was I didn’t submit myself to punishment or self-loathing after these slips. For the first time EVER on a weight-loss journey I did not think to myself “welp, I might as well quit…I’m a weak person who treated her body like a dumpster so now I shall resign myself to being dumpy.” Every cheat/skipped workout/high-calorie meal has resulted in this negative self-talk up to this point.

This time I thought:
It's done.
I ate that stuff.
I felt like crap after.
The only real set back that can result from this would be giving up.
And I sure as hell am not giving up.

I am inspried by the Victory Stories on MyFitnessPal’s blog and one struck me in its simplicity. The headline read “She Lost 215 PoundsWith This Mantra: ‘Weight Loss Isn’t Linear.’” It instantly resonated with me because while philosophically I understand that reaching my weight-loss goal is going to take a while, I needed this reminder that 1) it’s not a race and 2) it’s not going to go well all the time.

When I headed to my weigh in yesterday I was up two whole pounds.

I looked at the consultant and said “I can fix that.”

WATCH ME WERK! I have no regrets (except maybe the pizza, it was mediocre at best) and I’m home and back on target. Looking forward to reporting a loss next week and continuing this non-linear journey!
We were missing Sweet Michaella but had a wonderful book club weekend complete with Smug Willa in the bottom right corner. #fatfoxes #neverforget
(I'm third in from the left in sunglasses)

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