Monday, July 17, 2017

Water Logged

Current Weight: 321.4 lbs
Loss this week: 4.6 lbs
Loss in 2nd Round: 10.8 lbs

- Body Weight %age: 8%
Original Weight: 349 lbs 
Total Loss: 27.6 lbs 

Down 4.6 just this week! That's 10.8 lbs total in the last five weeks (avg. 2+ lbs/week). The pants are starting to slip, people...mind the crack.

Two weeks ago, I GAINED a pound and a half and I was so discouraged.
Like a lot.
Like enough I thought about quitting.
When I talked to my PWLC consultant, I told her "I said ‘no’ to so many of my favorite foods over the holiday and it didn't even matter, now what?" She asked, "well, did you get your water in?" I hadn't. So, the next week the only change I made was doubling my water consumption from about five cups a day to nine to 10 and sure enough, the pound and a half I’d put on melted away week three.  

So, we all get that water drinking makes you healthier but what does that look like? I can only tell you from my experience what it does for me:
  1. It makes me feel full. I start every day with 24–32 oz of water before I eat anything and I don’t even want my breakfast until 10:00 a.m. sharp. Pre-diet, this was when my mid-morning hunger beast usually roared for a big snack. It still roars at this time but now I feed it a healthy breakfast. 
  2. It stops me from eating when I’m actually thirsty. These days I force myself to drink 8–16 oz of water when I’m hungry and let 15 minutes pass. Still hungry? Cool, go get a snack! But typically, I forget I was hungry in the first place and go about my day. 
  3. It burns calories. I’m no nutritionist but I watched a YouTube video so I’m basically and expert. Obviously. Drinking water naturally increases resting calorie burn. Think about it, every time you intake something your body has to work to process it. Duh, right? It has a fancy name, “diet-induced thermogenics.” BUT if the “something” in this case is a non-calorie item, any energy it takes your body to process it puts your body at a deficit (i.e., it uses another energy source, most readily, excess fat in the body). The result? Nominal calorie burn and every bit helps. 
  4. It boosts energy. I can promise you this is true. We’re made up of 65% water and scientifically it helps our cells work and keeps muscles fed and neurons firing. For me, I do feel mentally sharper, I feel less joint achiness when I get up in the morning or from sitting at the office a long time, and I use less concealer under my eyes and my skin overall feels less tight and dry. It’s kind of amazing.  
  5. It keeps me from drinking other things. I don’t even have tummy capacity or interest in drinking creamy lattes, juice, the occasional soda. And I sure as heck don’t want to deal with peeing any more than I already am. 
  6. It adds steps to the water cooler (and the bathroom). Right now, my plan addresses diet only (fitness will come with time) so I rely solely on steps for my daily activity so every one counts.
How much water should I drink?
The eight glasses a day recommendation is purely subjective and hydration calculators aren’t always accurate either and can even lead you to water intoxication (e.g., based on my gender, weight, and height, it calculated I should drink 20 cups/day which is neither sustainable or really healthy). Here’s how you can easily tell if you’re sufficiently hydrated: your urine should be mostly clear with just a tinge of yellow.

How to make water drinking more tolerable if you don’t like it (and I HATE it).
I lerv La Croix though I realize it’s a polarizing beverage in terms of likes/dislikes (here’s a ranking of their best to worst flavors I happen to agree with #limeforever).

Water infusing is cool but I’m lazy and I don’t wash my water bottle every day (oh you don’t either, admit it!) so if I add fruit that means it will for sure mold if I don’t wash it within hours so I pretty much skip infusing.

I also splurge on pretty bottles with straws: one for home and one for the office (I like Starbucks’ “cold cups”). Finally, drink water at the temperature you love best, it makes a big difference (I’m a cold water, no ice kinda gal).

I am ALWAYS looking for more tips on how to get water in. How do you get your water intake for the day? Do you set reminders for yourself? Do you infuse yours with oils or fruit?

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