This isn't the first time I've started a health blog.

It's my third.
Fall 2013 (About 320 lbs)
I'm a fluffy, corn-fed Nebraska girl who has never known anything other than being fat. The word "healthy," as it refers to a physical state of being, exists in my conscious somewhere between nirvana and Neverland—pleasant to ponder but never reached.

I first realized I was "big" at age eight when some kids asked me why I jiggled when I bounced on the end of the diving board. I stopped swimming that summer.

At age 14, I lost the most I ever have: 44 lbs. This I did so I could fit into a vintage dress for my confirmation. This was achieved by limiting my diet to water, 1% milk, and V8, eating only canned green beans for three months. (This might be the worst idea for a diet in this history of mankind.)

The next "big" loss totaled only 13.3 lbs. on Weight Watchers when I lived in San Diego in 2009 and I was the most miserable I have ever been. I didn't see food, I saw points. Everywhere points, your taco is 18 points, my latte is four points, your whopper is 25 points...I couldn't take it. Food became math. I hate math. They also had us eating weird things; they introduced me to butter in a spray bottle—that's when I quit.

11.3.12 Best day ever
In 2010 I moved back to Nebraska and slowly started to put on weight living at home and going through a hard family time.

In January 2012, a tall, handsome Nebraska boy stole my heart. By November we were married and I became happier than I thought I ever could be. I never imagined someone could fall in love with me as I was (given my size) but he did and tells me I'm beautiful many times every day.

In 2013 my mom passed away and in the year leading up to this event and in the two years after, I gained a total of 33 pounds on my already very heavy frame. I was at absolute rock bottom physically. Failed health kicks, plantar faciitus, sore knees, general inflexibility and inability to do every day things brought me low and Jordan could see it (who had also put on quite a bit of weight). But hope came in the form of a friend of Jordan's who lost 75 pounds in fall/winter of 2014 on a program. Jordan was encouraged and he made us an appointment at Physician's Weight Loss Center (PWLC).

Winter 2014 (About 340 lbs)
On April 9, 2015 we went to our first appointment at PWLC here in Lincoln and we began a journey to weight loss and better health. Jordan has 75 pounds to lose, I have 180.

Fall 2014 (About 330 lbs)
 Part of me must believe it's possible or I wouldn't be writing this. I have followed other health/weight-loss blogs in the past and I value the candor with which they admit how their weight has inhibited them and I revel in their success when they share what it's like to be free of their burden. In my dreams, I have a blog with befores and afters, that can encourage someone else because of my success, and maybe even help someone start their own journey.

Wish me luck as I take my first step of the megnificent miles; I've got a long way to go!

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